Training system

Production system

Built on a modular hardware and software architecture, the training station is an adaptive system as an experimental practice playground for learning how to correctly assemble customizable products.
The entire set of devices, gadgets, sensors and applications available around the physical station favours a complete training process involving manual operations, starting from traditional digital experience, immersive scenarios collaborative exercises, supervised and assisted tasks, all the way to process analytics and AI guided suggestions for real-life assembly scenarios.
The software architecture revolves around a set of decentralized and specialized micro-services. Each application follows a specific training scope and uses the available services in a unique manner to reflect as much as possible a real industrial environment.
The station enables multi-modal interaction like verbal communication, tactile feedback, 3D gestures etc.

The automatic production prototype system is a small-scale but having similar complexity with real industrial production systems. The prototype has eight modules designed in accordance to Industry 4.0 principles enabling: interconnection, information transparency, technical assistance and decentralized decisions.
The production prototype can autonomously manufacture a standard smart product specially developed for this demonstrator or, assisted by a human operator it can produce customized versions of the same product in case of special orders.  The material flow is enabled by autonomously guided vehicles which are permanently “negotiating” assignment of tasks with the higher planning system to pick-up, store or deliver to different modules.
By its design, the prototype covers a large spectrum of manufacturing industries scenarios and enables testing of technologies in a realistic environment.