Activity no. 1 – Fundamental research

The fundamental research activities will focus on analysing and developing concepts of a generic nature at the basis of a cyber-physical social system (CPSS) reference architecture for production systems. Following the development of this reference architecture and using the results obtained from experimental research a general methodology will be developed to support mapping this architecture in real production systems. Last but not least, these activities will focus on improving the know-how and the project team competences through participation in various events, training sessions, courses etc.

Activity no. 2 – Experimental development

The activities of industrial research will focus primarily on developing prototype systems for implementing and validating/improving the theoretical concepts developed within the fundamental research activities. The two proposed prototype systems – an automatic production system and a station for manual product assembling – cover a large spectrum of scenarios encountered in the regional, national and international industry. In order to attract the interest of companies, this activity is correlated with activity no. 4, during which workshops will be organised with the industry, so that, on the one hand optimal scenarios for both parties can be established, and on the other hand live presentations of results can be made for the industry representatives. The objective of this activity focuses on demonstrating the major positive impact of CPSS compared with current production systems in realistic scenarios that the industry can identify with.

Activity no. 3 – Activities for obtaining, validating and protecting the industrial property rights

This activity focuses on obtaining, validating and protecting the property rights derived from the fundamental and experimental research. After analysing the project results the most appropriate will be selected for publication in BOPI or in equivalent journals from abroad.

Activity no. 4 – Activities for information and publicity

As part of the activities for information and publicity, the objectives and scientific results obtained will be presented both to the general public and to the specialised one (academic and industrial environment) from inside the country and from abroad. Exchanges with specialists will also be organised in various settings (conferences, workshops, presentations etc) in order to lay the basis for colaboration during and after the project is finalised.

Activity no. 5 – Project management activities

Project management activities focus on coordinating the entire research team to ensure project progress according to the working plan as well as the accomplishment of contractual obligations. We should mention that the efficacity and efficiency of the collaboration of the management team has been made relevant already in the context of the completed projects (CyProS, eTransMobility etc.) or some project proposal inside Horizon 2020 (InnovateMe, DiFARECS etc).