Franka Emika Panda Research Collaborative Robot

Inspired by human agility and sense of touch, Franka Emika Panda Research collaborative robot  is a sensitive and extraordinarily versatile power tool. With torque sensors in all seven axes, the arm skillfully and delicately manipulates objects, flawlessly accomplishing tasks you program it for.

Unique characteristics of the collaborative lightweight robot system designed specifically to assist humans. 

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Controller PFC200

The PFC200 Controller is a compact PLC for the modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM. Besides network and fieldbus interfaces, the controller supports all digital, analog and specialty modules found within the 750/753 Series. 

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Stäubli TS20 SCARA Robot

The TS20 is very compact and built for high speed. Designed entirely by Stäubli, it offers many of the same features as larger robots in our TS line, delivering high performance and robustness. Its harness is integrated into the arm, making it possible to connect the tool directly at the flange.

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Techman Robot TM5-700

The TM5 collaborative robot features simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality, all leading to rapid deployment in a huge variety of applications. Having vision identification functionality completely integrated within the collaborative robot platform, provides an easy and intuitive way to achive robot calibration to work piece or tooling, product selection, 1D or 2D barcodes and a host of other vision applications, delivering a true Industry 4.0 solution.

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