Valer Simion Cosma (b. 1986) is a historian, anthropologist, and occasional publicist. He is currently the Director of the “Lucian Blaga” University Library in Sibiu. He worked for almost four years as a researcher at the County Museum of History and Art – Zalău, where he conducted extensive fieldwork in the countryside. He founded the Centre for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World and of events, educational projects, and residency programs such as the Telciu Summer Conferences, the Telciu Summer School, Culese din Telciu, Anonimii Migrației, Artiști la Muzeu and Culese din Rural. In parallel with his work as a researcher and cultural manager, he has worked as scientific consultant in the production of theatre shows, artistic performances, documentary films, albums, and exhibitions. His interests are the modernization of the rural world, history and the sociology of rural elites, vernacular religion and the relation between modernity/coloniality and religion in Eastern Europe, nationalism, and migration.

Academic interests:

Historical Anthropology, Cultural History, Social History, Cultural Anthropology

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