Burgundy’s posterity of sciences, arts and letters inspires my daily life. I became Professor in 2013; I am still involved in the national community within the EEA Club where I chair the Signal-Image section. I am now a member of the pedagogical council at the master engineering school ISAT, doing my research in the ICB laboratory, and I have just handed over the management of the Auxerre territorial campus. Finally, I am in charge of the cultural policies of the University of Burgundy since spring 2020. Fond of humanities and history, sensitive to societal and cultural dimensions, my academic vocation is also lived in the city: initiated to philosophy at the think tank Cercle Condorcet, I participate in the creation of meetings dedicated to sustainable development in Auxerre. Europe, of which I am a product of the historical upheavals, is dear to me, which I was able to express as scientific advisor to the Institute for Research and Communication on Europe (another Think Tank). Secularism is important to me, too. Involved in the service of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture (CSTI), active at all territorial levels (board of the Centre of CSTI of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, active member of the Society of historical and natural sciences of Yonne, of the society of friends of the museum, library and history of the Ecole Poytechnique, and for example of the CultureMath network), my passion for Joseph Fourier, a child of Auxerre, of which I am president of the eponymous society, will force me to invest myself for a stronger recognition of this immense character little known by the general public, collaborating with multiple and prestigious institutions (including national commemorations), participating in the conception of events, exhibitions and books, recently a comic book.

Academic interests:

Scientific Technical and Industrial Culture

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