The improvement of the performances and visibility of Romanian literary research at the international level needs an accurate assessment of the state of things, as well as an identification of its causes. This project intends carrying out a diagnosis of the current Romanian literary theory, criticism and historiography by exploring the way in which such disciplines managed methodological and ideological transfers in the European and North-American cultural sphere during 1965-2010. Our investigation calls for the identification of the main methodological patterns imported by Romanian literary research from the West in the second phase of the communist regime and in post-communism, the reconstruction of cultural policies generated by such process (given the conflict between the advocates of synchronism and the exponents of national identity preservation), as well as the constant evaluation of the corresponding phenomena in relation to the international methodological and ideological context. The originality of our approach is particularly present in the work method, which calls both for an analysis of rapports in the field of cultural production, the field of ideology and the field of power, and for a series of interdisciplinary inquiries involving strategies, procedures and concepts of literary criticism, theory and history, culture philosophy, history of ideas, sociology of art, imagology, reception theories, hermeneutics and discourse analysis. The purpose of our research will be a critical and explanatory description of the current condition of romanian literary research, as well as a series of suggestions for the improvement of its performances.