The Research Career Guidance Center – Center Region (COCerc)

The project aims to raise the interest in science and technology in Romanian society, especially among youth (pupils, university students) while at the same time increasing the capacity of researchers (doctoral students, postdoctoral students, early career researchers, mid-career researchers) for high quality research and communicating research results to policymakers and the public.

To this purpose, the setting up and operationalization of the regional Research Career Guidance Center (COCerc) – Center Region, part of the ERA Talent Platform network, is envisaged. Raising societal interest in science, especially among youth, is pursued through a set of co-ordinated actions: organizing public events (public debates, Science Cafés, itinerant and interactive exhibitions), disseminating content through traditional local, regional, national and international media and social media, as well as organizing events aimed at pupils (science promotion visits in schools, involving children and youth in scientific experiments and citizen science activities, assisting teachers in developing science-oriented curriculum).

Within the academic space, raising the interest in careers in scientific research will involve: career orientation services for BA and MA students, facilitating professional practice stages in research organizations, providing training on good practice in scientific research. Increasing the capacity of researchers for high quality research and communicating science outside the academia will be pursued by the following co-ordinated actions: basic career orientation services, advanced career orientation services (especially mentoring and coaching), professional training focused on transferable skills (multiple mentorship, networking, communicating research results to policy-makers and the general public). 

The project proposes to intervene in…

  • 11 fields of study at Bachelor level (covering 23 different study programmes),
  • 9 fields of study at Master level, and
  • 7 fields of study at Doctoral level.

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