Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The ULPGC, established in 1989, has more than 25,000 students and 1,500 lecturers. It has modern facilities and equipment, with Wi-Fi area in all its centres.The ULPGC offers the university community a wide range of cultural and sports activities to complement academic learning, promoting values such as solidarity, social justice, gender equality, and respect for diversity and the environment among members of the community.
Contact Person: Mario Monzón

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

To open a school is not a minor event, because education means enlightenment. It means approaching new horizons and shaping young destinies. It means changing the future by molding the minds of young people. But to have had a school opened already in 1380 is a landmark in the history of a city. And it was the city of Sibiu which saw the opening of this school.
Contact Person: Mircea Vicentiu Saceleanu

Sibiu County Emergency Clinical Hospital

The permanent concern of our institution is to provide high quality medical services in accordance with current legal standards and regulations. Therefore, all efforts of the HOSIB are directed towards achieving the mission of the institution: ensuring and maintaining the health of the population through quality medical activity, in civilized conditions. In this sense, we want to be first and foremost a reliable citizen's partner in terms of stability, professionalism and efficiency.
Contact Person: Dr. Cîndea Cosmin

Universita Degli Studi Niccolo Cusano Telematica Roma

Niccolò Cusano University is a young University, with the Engineering Faculty founded in 2012. Despite its young age, the Faculty of Engineering has over 1.000 students, attending seven undergraduate programs, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Management Engineering, Agro-Industrial Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, as well as three graduate programs in Mechanical, Civil and Electronic Engineering. The Faculty has approximately 16.000 m2 of space with another 20.000 m2 building under construction, with all the services needed to ensure high standards to the students. In the last years, the Department of Industrial Engineering was involved in the submission of numerous regional, national and European projects focused on the materials and biomedical sectors, due to the fervent activity of the researchers, which are tirelessly devoted to research and education. The Department is currently involved in a Life2015 Program, with the project PAINT-IT and in national and regional project about the production of innovative ecosustainable biomaterials for biomedical applications, such as in the cranioplastic field, and food sector.
Contact Person: Ilaria Cacciotti