BrainIT project aims to::

  • Employ the strategic use of ICT technologies in teaching/training activities by using a telemedicine approach to create an innovative best practice environment in the form of an 3D live-transmission where students and resident doctors can experience non-invasive surgery procedures.
  • Create interactive teaching and training aids for students using 3D technology - 3D reconstruction of the skull on various pathologies: tumors, traumas
  • ISP of 14 days ‘traineeships’ in a working hospital, where the course participants will get to real life working experience accompanying the whole diagnostic process.
  • Create a reader-friendly online platform which can facilitate the access of graduates, residents and even physicians without material possibilities to new technologies and new discoveries in neurosurgery.
  • Make a closer connection between European neurosurgery centers. Transnational collaboration at this time is not a strong one, at least in the case of Romania, the neurosurgery centers are limited to a national collaboration. This project requires transnational highly specialized know-how and expertize which is hard to be found in a single country.