migration grant

The conference

Based on the inter-institutional Bilateral Agreement, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (LBUS) and the University College of Southeast Norway (UCSN) will organize within the frame of European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (2009-2014), the joint conference: Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: Mapping Options for a Resilient Approach (16th – 17th of December 2016).

At the level of LBUS, implementation will be realized through the Global Studies Center, which is an analysis and academic post graduate programs developer and who owns a specific expertise on the topics of migration, inclusion, security, combating extremism and other forms of violence

At the UCSN’s level, project execution will be realized through the Institute for History, Sociology and Innovation. The project aims to strengthen the academic and research partnership between LBUS and the UCSN through knowledge exchange and cooperation. This academic event targets scholars, practitioners and international top experts in the field of migration, refugees’ management and security. It will provide significant understanding for Europe’s migration challenges, societal security, demography, legislation and inclusion management. To achieve its goal, the project will implement activities that develop a common understanding on the topic through knowledge exchange for all stakeholders involved in the field, thus fostering progress in this important topic.