The research project “German Chancery Scripts in Transylvanian Archives. Collection, Edition, semantic and morphosyntactic Description“(DKSbA) aims to edit early modern period German-language documents of the institutional use in the former political, administrative and judicial centers of Transylvanian Saxon, namely Sibiu (ger. Hermannstadt), Braşov (ger. Kronstadt) and Cluj-Napoca (ger: Klausenburg). In addition to editing these documents to a significant extent, the project also aims to translate them into Romanian as well as to study them from a linguistic perspective.

Documents of the magistrate, the Saxon ‘Nationsuniversität’  and the guilds, in other words the supporter of Transylvanian Saxon politics, economy and culture are taken into account. Parallel to covering the documents in a comprehensive manner, a digitalisation is provided in order to protect the documents which in most cases are only available in a single copy.

The project aims for two final products:

  • a diplomatic edition of selected documents.
    The exhibiting institutions but also their products with respect to the type of text and the contents are taken into account. The edited texts, totalling 250 A4 pages, will be accompanied by a translation into Romanian in order to allow also non-German researchers access, e.g. for social history and economic history studies. Furthermore Transylvanian Saxon personalities, places of importance for the local history, relevant facts and language abnormalities are annotated critically.
  • a linguistic study focusing on lexical-semantic and morphosyntactic structures
    Already existing knowledge on the state of the German language in Transylvania will be supplemented and thus a contribution towards the history of the German language is made.

The project is co-funded by the Romanian Ministry for Education, Research, Youth and Sport through the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI).